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    Pinheiro 800/MF Series

    This versatile machine is still offered by River Valley after a complete reconditioning program. The 800 is 24" wide when used as a double surface planer 20" wide when used as a four-sided planer molder and can open to 8" thickness for beam and log cabin planing. It features both top and bottom powered feed rollers. The 800/MF Pinheiro planer molder is well known in the wide plank flooring industry and the log cabin industry. Many Log cabin industry leaders started with the Pinheiro 800/MF and have grown into the Pinheiro 1000 series planer molders.
    Wood Planer Molder
    CLICK HERE For the NEW Parts Manual for the MF800! ( PDF updated 9/9/2019)

    Click here for the original Brochure (PDF)
    Click here for the Owners Manual (PDF)

    Click here for the Electrical Schematics
    (11X17 PDF)

    We also sell printed copies of these manuals. Contact us for more information
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