River Valley Machinery


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  • Call: 207. 897.5300
    Fax: 207.897.2888

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    Postal Address:
    P.O. Box 129
    East Livermore, Maine 04228

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    Parts & Service

    We at River Valley Machinery are proud to have a large inventory of parts for the  Pinheiro line of woodworking equipment. We look forward to working with you for your equipment, tooling, and replacement parts needs.


    River Valley Machinery is dedicated to maintaining a high availability of in stock parts for the Pinheiro line. This includes parts for most of the older Pinheiro ripsaws and planer molders. In addition we can get parts for other smaller Pinheiro machines that were sold prior to 1985 such as tensioners and band saws.

    River Valley also provides parts for the Auburn Yield Pro line of equipment and the new Kalin Timberwork planers.


    River Valley Machinery is based in an old planer mill in East Livermore, Maine. Our service department combines theoretical and machinery knowledge with decades of hands-on experience in the Pinheiro line of equipment. We are usually capable of helping our customers through phone and fax but do offer on site service and training if the situation warrants it. We strive to solve our customer's problems in the most cost-effective manner for them.

    We also can design and make custom profile knives for your unique planing needs!

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