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  • Call: 207. 897.5300
    Fax: 207.897.2888

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    Postal Address:
    P.O. Box 129
    East Livermore, Maine 04228

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    Reconditioned Machinery

    River Valley Machinery buys and sells used Pinheiro Planers and Rip Saws. When we get in a used piece of equipment, we do several things:

    • reconditioningCompletely disassemble and reassemble machine
    • Inspect every part, belt and bearing; replacing anything that is worn
    • Complete lubrication fluid replacement
    • Disassemble, clean and inspect gearbox
    • Replace any out-dated parts with latest version
    • New Paint
    • New knives

    Reconditioned Planer Policy and Warranty

    Surface planers in the River Valley Machinery, Inc. reconditioning program are stripped down to the bare frame then reassembled. In this process all parts of the machine are examined for defect and useful life. Reconditioned Surface Planers will have used parts included that were deemed to be in good usable shape. Questionable parts are replaced with new parts as needed.
    All parts are warranteed until on-site training is completed or waived (see below).

    Additional Warranty Available

    Reconditioned surface planers can carry a new machine warranty (12 month/2000 hours mechanical, 90 day electrical). This warranty covers parts defects. Warranty parts must be returned to River Valley Machinery for a determination of warranty. Mechanical work to remove and replace a part is not included in the warranty. Warranty on the surface planers does not include onsite service unless River Valley deems it is necessary. In such cases travel expenses such as airfare, lodgings, and mileage will be billed to the customer. Freight is not included in the warranty in either direction. New parts will be sent and invoiced. When River Valley Machinery receives the parts in return and it is deemed a warranty situation, a credit will be issued.

    Training for Surface Planers

    Since the MF is considered the most economical of our surface planer line it is the most commonly sold to companies new to the planing business. Because of this, a reconditioned MF comes with on site training (continental U.S.A.) as part of the surface planer package. Travel expenses are not included.

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